5 Best Electric Sprayer 2021: Review and Buyer Guide

Gardening is the most relaxing and motivating hobby and brings our heart near to nature. It makes us understand and love the things present around us. But to make an adorable garden, you will have to deal with pests and weeds that can damage your garden and lovely plants. So, to save your garden you will be going to need a sprayer. Electric garden sprayer is the best tool for this job either you are an amateur or a professional.

There are a lot of quality sprayers available in the market selling at an extremely reasonable price. Additionally, improved modern technology played an excellent role in their built quality. So, for a garden lover, it is worth paying for a sprayer that lasts many years.

Among several types of garden sprayers available in the market, the best one is, which reduces your manual work. Therefore, in this article, we have reviewed some best electric garden sprayers for you to help you make an adorable garden.

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Why There Is A Need of a Garden Sprayer?

Before starting the review, we must first think about why we need a garden sprayer. So, here we will discuss some of the most basic points to understand the need for a garden sprayer.

  • Save Money: Using modern improved garden sprayers you can spray weedicides and insecticides by yourself whereas hiring a professional garden sprayer is an expensive job.
  • One-Time Investment: Due to improved built quality and long-lasting features, one-time investment gives you a better control over your garden and allows you to spray weedicides, insecticides, and fertilizers anytime without any hassle.
  • Better Adjustability: You can fine-tune the sprayer as per your requirements varying from delicate flowers to weeds by easily adjusting the spray nozzle from low pressure to high.
  • Better Control: It is much more suitable for you to use a garden sprayer as you can turn it on and off quickly as compared to a garden hose.
  • Portability: Modern garden sprayers are much more convenient to use because of their portable design. It allows you to spray on disturbing areas and parts of plants. E.g., under leaves and around bushes.

Why Buy Online?

  • Detailed information
  • Feedbacks of previous buyers
  • Zero traveling
  • Easy accessibility to a variety of models
  • Home delivery

5 Best Electric Garden Sprayer

1. Scotts 190567 Lithium-Ion Electric Garden Sprayer

scott Electric Garden Sprayer

Scotts 190567 is one of the best electric garden sprayers available in the market. It comes with some latest technology add-ons like, pump zero technology, which improves the working of the sprayer. Being an electrical garden sprayer no you don’t have to pump it manually and build pressure in the tank to pull the solution out.

A lithium-ion rechargeable battery is installed in this which lasts up to 12 full tanks. This power-efficient battery makes it more productive and useful. Because of the rechargeable battery system, it saves gasoline expenses as well as keeps things clean and safe.

Some of its exciting features like comfortable grip, locking system, and easy cleaning make it a more attractive choice among gardeners. Moreover, it also includes in-line filters which are very helpful while cleaning and spraying because it filters the solution and avoids wand blocking.

It contains a 21-inch poly-wand with a Viton seal for resistance to corrosive chemicals. These seals improve the working and life of the sprayer. It also comes with a pre-installed pressure valve to adjust internal pressure while closing and opening the tank to prevent any mishaps.

A teardrop tank shape with a 2-gallon capacity and lower center makes it more stable and gravity friendly. It comes with a 3 in 1 sprayer nozzle which you can easily adjust on three spraying settings like fan spray, cone spray, and stream spray. These settings are extremely appreciable among gardeners because it gives them spraying flexibility.

Moreover, Scotts 190567 being a USA manufactured product, it comes with 3 years free parts replacement international warranty and the company also ensure global availability of parts.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Locking system to avoid wastage
  • In-line filters
  • Pressure valves
  • Stable tank shape
  • 3 years international warranty


  • Stock nozzle was either too wide or too narrow
  • Need to shake the wand to start spraying

2. Flo-Master by Hudson (Pumpless Electric Garden Sprayer)

Hudson sprayers is an internationally reputed gardening equipment manufacturer. With their improved technology, they have launched an efficient pumpless electrical garden sprayer which works very well in an expert or a newbie’s hand. To use this sprayer, you don’t have to have to be an expert or need any training.

It comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It can spray about 18-gallons of the solution in a single-charge and being an electric sprayer there is no need to pump the solution.

A 1.3-gallon transparent tank allows you to easily monitor fluid levels. With this transparent tank, you can easily manage the concentration of water and chemicals to make a saturated solution for your plants.

It comes with a pre-installed adjustable nozzle by which you can control the mist of the solution. A convenient shoulder strap makes it more comfortable for a gardener to take it with him and comfortably spray it in the whole garden. This improves its portability.

It includes a thumb-operated power-switch which helps the gardener to on-off the sprayer instantly when needed. It improves the worker’s efficiency to spray in big gardens in a short time. A double telescopic wand increases the reach, it can be extended up to 35-inches. With this wand, you can easily spray under leaves and in compact areas where you can not enter with a sprayer with you.


  • Single charge – sprays up to 18-gallons of solution
  • Transparent tank
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Thumb operated power-switch
  • Double telescopic wand


  • Sometime leaks near battery

3. Petra HD4000 4-Gallon Electrical Garden Backpack Sprayer

Petra HD4000 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

A US manufacture, Petra Tool, is a world-known commercial garden equipment producer. A recently launched electric garden sprayer, the Petra HD4000, is a highly efficient and economical sprayers. It comes with a commercial standard battery, which improves its working capacity.

The manufacturer claims that to use this product there is no need to be professional. Any garden lover can use this product and build a dream garden. It has some exited features like a long-lasting battery, HD wand, and a variety of nozzles for your changing needs.

Instead of a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, it includes an 8-Ah lead-acid battery. This battery can give you 6-8 hours of spraying and there is no need to pump the sprayer manually. In one single charge you won’t be able to spray large gardens however, it is much suitable for small gardens.

The adjustable nozzles allow you to adjust the spraying pressure which varies from plant to plant because of the vegetative delicacy. Using this sprayer, you can spray over 200-gallons of solution at 70 PSI. The high-density poly-ethylene wand is highly durable to corrosive chemicals and includes a locking trigger by which a gardener can spray continuously.

The sprayer tank contains a wide mouth which improves its filling and cleaning process. As well as it also includes a filter to keep dirt and scums out. There is another top lid present on the tank which is used to attach extra HD brass nozzles with it to adjust the stream of the solution up to 15-20ft.

The tank comes with a white translucent color which makes it easy to monitor fluid levels.

This Petra tool HD4000 takes about 8 hours to be fully charged using its charging unit included in its product box. This lead acid battery improves the life of the battery up to 4 times that of a 2.0 lithium-ion battery.


  • 8-Ah lead-acid strong battery
  • More durable
  • HD wand durable to corrosive solutions
  • Easy cleaning
  • Comes with a wheeled cart
  • 1-year international warranty
  • Excellent after-sale services


  • Relatively less comfortable shoulder straps
  • Due to the durability to corrosive solutions, small leakages are expected. The company included Teflon tape in the product box

4. Field King 190571 Lithium-Ion Electric Garden Sprayer

Field King 190571 Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Sprayer

An excellent electric garden sprayer, pre-installed with modern technology to make gardening enjoyable. It comes with a built-in compressor to keep the internal pressure constant at 20 PSI. This dedicated feature makes this battery powered garden sprayer a zero-pump sprayer.

There is no need to pump the sprayer manually, which will save you time with a consistent application. A premium grade handgrip with an easily accessible shut-off button makes this sprayer easy to use and carry. A built-in locking system on wands allows you to control the mist and constant supply of solution.

It comes with in-line filters to easily clean the sprayer before and after use to avoid contamination or mixing of unwanted particles. A 21-inches long wand with Viton seals makes it more resistant to corrosive chemicals. The long wand proves to be very helpful while spraying in dense gardens and hard-to-reach areas.

It also comes with a pre-installed pressure releasing valve which helps you to safely remove the internal pressure while opening and closing the tank. Because of the more stable teardrop tank shape gardeners feel very comfortable will spraying. A low center of gravity makes it more stable than heavyweight garden sprayers.

Built-in adjustable nozzles make it safer for plants and increase its storing capacity. It comes with 4 types of nozzles: (i) Brass (ii) Flat Fans (iii) Foaming (iv) Tee Jet.

Additional to these features, the US manufacture Field King also offers a 1-year free parts replacement warranty along with the assurance of the global availability of parts.


  • Efficient battery timing
  • Better resistance to corrosive chemicals
  • Adjustable nozzles – 4 types
  • Easy cleaning
  • Pre-installed in-line filters
  • Keep the pressure constant at 20 psi


  • Pressure reduce with continuous usage

5. M4 MY4SONS 4-Gallon Electric Garden Backpack Sprayer

M4 MY4SONS 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

MY4SONS M4 comes with an incredible battery backup. It can spray 200-gallons of liquid with an efficient battery time of 6-8 hours. Therefore, it is counted among the most powerful battery powered garden sprayer available in the market.

It comes with an 8Ah lead-acid battery which doubles the battery life and time up to 4X. A fully efficient charger makes it more reliable and completely charges the electric garden sprayer within 8 hours. Moreover, it has an indicator light to show battery percentage as well.

A stainless-steel wand, resistant to corrosive chemicals, comes with an adjustable nozzle that can project a jet of a solution with a 60psi pressure. Due to battery powered pressure build-up, you can easily spray up to 30fts.

A set of 4 adjustable nozzles enables you to adapt to different spraying patterns with varying garden conditions. Large wide top opening allows you to easily refill and clean the sprayer and wash in-line filters.

Padded straps make my4sons a favorite choice for gardeners who loves to use a backpack garden sprayer. Highly comfortable straps make it easy to carry and allow the gardener to work much longer than the normal routine.


  • Triple thick XXL shoulder pads
  • Quick change battery
  • Stainless-steel wand
  • 60psi pressure to spray
  • Strain relief hose


  • Spraying up to full 30ft is a bit controversial
  • Bit heavier than usual battery-powered backpack garden sprayer

Guide to Buy the Best Electric Garden Sprayer

As we know the market is full of a variety of garden sprayers, but going to your local hardware store will make it much more confusing to know which will suit your garden best. Before heading to a local hardware store, you must read this comprehensive buying guide. This guide will save your time and efforts and will assist you to buy an excellent suitable garden sprayer for your dream garden. Key features to follow while buying best electrical sprayer :


Portability is the most essential feature of the best electrical garden sprayer. It critically affects your ability to spray in the whole garden, as you have to move around.

There are four major types of sprayers:

  • Handheld
  • Backpack
  • Wheeled

Now it depends on your garden size that which type of garden sprayer will suits you best, larger or a smaller one.

Handheld Sprayer

Handheld sprayers are those which you can easily carry in your hand and use to spray weedicides and insecticides in your garden. Because of its lightweight and low spraying capacity, it ideally suits small yards and limited no. of plants.

Its operating system is simple and straight-forward. You simply pour the chemical into the bottle and attach the hand pump to the bottle’s top. After closing the bottle top you simply go to your garden and pull the spraying trigger to spray your plants. Some spraying bottles have a level mark that allows you to measure the correct amount of solution in them.

Handheld sprayers usually have two fittings, one for the hose and one for the chemical solution. Simply insert the solution into the lowest fitting and insert the hose/pipe into the fitting on the back. After adjusting the fittings simply pull the trigger and you will have a dilute mixture of the solution, ideally water and chemical, for your perennials.

With a handheld/portable sprayer, you can even measure the quantity of chemicals you want to mix in per-gallon of water. This feature of handheld sprayers is very handy to understand the mixture.

Backpack Sprayer

The best backpack sprayers are more ideal for small to mid-sized gardens, it offers the more flexible application and adaptability. It excellently suits gardeners with mobility problems like arthritis. Certain medical conditions make it difficult for gardeners to use handheld sprayers.

The backpack sprayer is available as a standard with a drive pump. It gives you better grip because of its straps, you can wear it on your back easily. By wearing it on your back you can easily spray the garden with your both hands-free. The latest backpack models are very light weight and convenient, with a large tank capacity. The most popular backpack sprayer is the one having a “4-gallon capacity” tank.

The backpack sprayers are handier in carrying a large quantity of solutions to greater distances. This way you can spray a greater number of plants in one round instead of repeated rounds with a small quantity. Backpack sprayers work on a lever drive principle which is used to pump the solution into the spraying nozzle.

However, backpack sprayers have some drawbacks as well. After wearing it on your back, it will become difficult for you to get under plants and spray in dense areas. Although, this is the best choice for spraying in large gardens with one best shot with a large quantity of solutions in it.

Before buying a backpack sprayer, you must analyze your garden size and requirements that whether it will be feasible for you to use it there.

Wheeled Sprayer

These types of sprayers come with already installed wheels to help you drag the sprayer machine in your garden. The wheeled sprayers are more convenient to use than other types of sprayers. In big gardens, it allows you to carry a large amount of spraying solution with you and saves repeated refilling time.

As we know that gardening can be done at any age, therefore wheeled sprayers are an excellent choice for our elders and people with back issues. Moreover, today most of the wheeled sprayers are battery or gasoline-powered which makes it more convenient for the gardeners.

Wheeled sprayers are an excellent choice for big gardens however if you have obstacles that make it difficult to move a large sprayer you must choose a lower capacity sprayer. The lower capacity sprayer will make it lightweight and easy to move.

Other Considerations For Best Electrical Sprayer

Some of the most important considerations besides mobility, are mentioned below for your ease to choose the best-suited sprayer for your dream garden.

Working Mechanism

In order for the solution to come out, pressure must be created in the tank. You can do this manually or with a power supply. There are two ways to build the pressure in the sprayer tank, one is the pump action and the other one is the electric action.

Pump Action Sprayers

Pump action sprayers work on pressure difference principal and also termed compression sprayers. There is a pressure difference in the tank of a pump sprayer that determines how much spray of chemical you will get while spraying in your garden.

For its best working, an appropriate mixture of air and solution is very important. A high quantity of air in the tank will reduce the pressure of the spraying solution coming out of the spraying nozzle.

To prevent oxygen build-up, growers must use pump-action sprayers to remove air from the pump. Compared to high-tech sprayers, these pump action sprayers way more affordable and easier to use. They are usually better suited for quick jobs requiring little adjustability.

Electric Garden Sprayer

To build pressure in the tank, you can supply power using a battery or gasoline. However, nowadays, electrical sprayer is more popular than gasoline and manual pump action sprayers. This is because of the ease to use and clean the sprayers relative to gasoline and pump-action sprayers.

With the advancement in technology, rechargeable batteries made it way easier for gardeners to use sprayers many times in one charge with more pressure power. Plus, you don’t have to worry about buying gasoline for your sprayers. However, the best electric sprayer is somehow a bit more expensive than the other types of garden sprayers.

Sprayer Capacity of Electric Sprayer

There are several types of sprayers are available in the market with varying tank capacity from 1-quart to more than 4-gallons. You can easily choose a sprayer with desirable tank capacity as per your garden needs. For obvious reasons, handheld sprayers have a smaller tank capacity than a backpack and wheeled garden sprayers.

For outstanding results, you must choose a sprayer with the required tank capacity based on your garden size and purpose. If you are having trouble moving larger units, think about buying a medium-sized tank. However, you will have to refill the tank a few times, but it will be way better than not being able to spray in the whole garden.

This is an important point for a gardener who uses a sprayer because using a larger tank will make it harder for him to transport the sprayer in the garden. Moreover, wheeled garden sprayers with large tanks, over 3 gallons, are also difficult to operate without prior installation. Always keep in mind when you go to buy a garden sprayer that you must consider a product that doesn’t burden your work.

Sprayer Nozzle

Another important component of the sprayer is the sprayer nozzle, it allows you to spray your garden with variable coverage area and pressure. There are two types of sprayers available in the market, low-end model without replaceable nozzle option and mid to high end with replaceable nozzles.

The sprayers with a replaceable nozzle option are the most recommended because it helps you switch between different sizes based on your instant garden needs. You can also adjust the nozzle to a fine mist or a jet spray as per your needs.

These nozzles are available in different materials, brass, bronze, and plastic. However, the metal nozzles, apart from being expensive, are more reliable and lasts longer than any other type. Mainly mid to high-end models comes with already installed metal nozzles, however, you can also buy an extra one from the market.


The pump is the most important part of the sprayer because it creates pressure in the sprayer tank. This pressure is the primary force that drives the solution out of the sprayer tank.

The two most commonly available pump types are:

  • Diaphragm pump
  • Piston pump

Diaphragm pumps are the most reliable pumps available in the market. The majority of the wheeled and backpack sprayers come with a preinstalled diaphragm pump. Gardeners mostly use and recommend this type of pump because it favors the use of a wide range of solutions e.g., liquid or powder.

Liquid chemicals are easily soluble in water, however wet powder chemicals do not dissolve well in water and turn into semi-solid particles which make spraying difficult. And diaphragm pumps suit very well to these kinds of solutions with respect to power and durability.

Piston pumps are commonly used in handheld garden sprayers because they are easy to use. These pumps are only used with liquid-based solutions and are much cheaper than diaphragm pumps.


It is important to clean the sprayer after use to remove accumulated liquid in the nozzle or reservoir. This is even more true if you have used weed control agents or toxic pesticides and do not want children or pets to come into contact with you. Most atomizers are generally easy to clean as you clean them after each use by filling them with soapy water. Then shake the container to disperse the soap and wait 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the tank and rinse the attachment with clean water.

Some smaller nozzles may require additional tools to clean. The garden sprayer contains these special tools. Keep it safe and don’t lose it. Otherwise, you will have to buy separately. Follow the manufacturer’s specific cleaning instructions.


Look for more sprayer flexibility. Large extension hose and detachable nozzle provide great flexibility. Since you can use it effectively in hard-to-reach places and even on delicate flowers. With these flexible options, you can use the same unit in different scenarios without having to buy a separate sprayer.


There are three types of sprayer tanks available in the market:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Polyethylene plastic
  • Stainless steel

A steel tank is more expensive than a plastic one, plastic tanks are cheaper but less durable. Steel tanks usually last longer than plastic tanks because of their durability. The downside to steel is that it adds more weight than plastic.

Majority of the handheld and backpack sprayers come with a plastic tank because they are enough for the majority of your work. Plastic tank sprayers work efficiently with non-powdered solutions. The only thing you will have to do is to take good care of your sprayer.

And for your ease, we have compiled an excellent list of electric garden sprayer that you can use to spray any type of chemical solution in your garden.

Spreader Sticker

The dispenser sticker is great for gardening as the solution will stick to the plants. Water tends to form pearls. Therefore, if you add this solution to a mixture of water and herbicides/pesticides, the water will stick to the flatter configuration, so it will not just run down the leaf. This protective layer provides longer-lasting coverage for your plants, which in turn helps to reduce the need for regular application.


Adjustability options make the devices more useful and suitable for specific tasks. And the same case is with the garden sprayers, sprayers with truly adjustable features make them more convenient and easier to use.

Adjustable feature includes adjustable nozzles which allow you to adjust the mist of the sprayer – low to high pressure – to easily spray under shrubs and leaves. With an adjustable nozzle, you can easily reach congested areas.

Adjustability just simplifies the whole spraying process. Therefore, we strongly recommend buying an adjustable sprayer instead of a fixed one.


The spraying wands attached to the tank usually made up of brass, plastic, fiberglass, or stainless steel. This makes the sprayer more reliable and efficient. Even some of the spraying wands also have a blocking function that allows you to spray your garden continuously. It also helps you to direct the jet and solution direction.

It will be really helpful while buying a sprayer that you must check the durability and leakage of wands.


While choosing a garden sprayer, you must consider the durability factor if you want your spray to last long. There are several types of sprayers available in the market made of durable polyethylene plastic, making it lightweight, and are strong enough to withstand physical and environmental impacts without affecting functionality.

Sprayers made from fragile plastic are more prone to cracking, leaks, and functionality failures. Therefore, here we have compiled a list of economical and durable garden sprayers for you. So, you can get a higher quality sprayer in an economical budget.

Battery Life

While buying the best electric garden sprayer, battery life is the most important factor. There are several types of electrical sprayers are available in the market, direct supply sprayers and rechargeable battery-operated garden sprayers are among them.

However, if you have longer jobs, it’s important to know how long they keep working without recharging. The most powerful batteries available till now lasts 8 hours-or-more. Less powerful batteries can only give you a few hours working before you need to charge them again.

Therefore, you must analyze the needs of your garden before buying the best electrical sprayers that how long it will take to spray in the whole garden.


There are different types of chemicals that need to be consistently sprayed in the garden. Most of these chemicals are normal whereas sometimes gardeners need to spray some corrosive chemicals for which the sprayers must have chemical versatility and durability. Among all available types of sprayers, electric garden sprayers proved to be best and very useful for this purpose.

Safety Precautions

While using sprayers, keeping yourself safe is the most important thing. Because all the available pesticides and weedicides contain toxic chemicals that can badly affect you and people related to you.

Therefore, we have enlisted some safety precautions for you:

  • Must use protective gears such as gloves, long-sleeves, and face mask.
  • Make sure to use safety glasses while spraying to protect your eyes.
  • You must clean and wash your eyes with cold water if you feel some irritation.
  • Before using the sprayer and chemicals you must read the owner’s manual very carefully.
  • Avoid food intake while spraying.
  • Follow the wind direction while spraying to avoid the chemical getting on you.
  • Avoid meeting people, kids, and pets immediately after spraying, and must take a proper bath.


Gardening is a source of positivity in life and provides eternal happiness. Therefore, to make a dream garden, every gardener needs a personal garden sprayer because insect pests and diseases can attack anytime. Diseases and pests can ruin your garden in a very short time. Therefore, for their instant control, you must have a garden sprayer with you instead of waiting for a professional’s appointment.

Apart from controlling weeds and pests, sprayers can help you easily distribute fertilizers and growth regulators to improve garden growth and sustainability. Nowadays electric garden sprayers are being very popular for their clean and efficient working. Above is a comprehensive list of the best electrical sprayers is given for your ease to choose one for you based on your garden needs.

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