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2013 Grant Awards 

Visual Arts

Sarah Lightman (United Kingdom) studied at The Slade School of Art. She has exhibited her work in many museums and galleries in Europe, USA and Israel. The Book of Sarah: A Life in Drawings and Animated Films is an exhibition of an on-going text/image project that traces the artist’s life through drawings and animation films. It also references the Biblical silence of her namesake, the Matriarch Sarah, and her unpreserved voice.

Occupy My Time Gallery, Enclave 9, Resolution Way, Deptford, London, 9 May – 1 June 2013

Sara Lightman's drawings

Bernadett Alpern is a young photographer who has exhibited in many places in Hungary. Used stones is an exhibition of photographs of synagogue buildings in Central and Eastern Europe. Sometimes deserted, but often used for a variety of purposes. Among them a concert hall, a museum, a memorial to the Serbian army, a furniture shop, an Olympic training centre and even a dry cleaner. The Hungarian Museum of Photography, Kecskemet, summer 2013.

Bernadett Alpern


Andreea Valean is the director of the project dramAcum: a contemporary theatre project which makes the connection between young directors and emerging playwrights, aiming to translate new plays from Europe and to produce a new Romanian play. Sold Jews – The right price is a performance questioning a specific point of Jewish Romanian history: More than 300,000 Romanian Jews were allowed to emigrate to Israel between 1949-1989 'at a price' ... What is the correct price for a Jew? How much would you pay to buy a Jewish person?
Odeon Theatre, Bucarest, Romania, June 2013

Andreea Valean poster


Elam Rotem (Switzerland) is a Harpsichord player, composer and singer. He performs regularly all over Europe. Rotem is the founder of the vocal Ensemble Profeti della Quinta. Joseph and his brothers is a biblical, musical drama in three acts composed by Elam Rotem in the spirit of the early operas. Using the musical language of the musical dramas by Cavalieri, Caccini, and Monteverdi, the piece tells the story of Joseph and his brethren – one of the most touching stories of the Old Testament. The piece was composed especially for the ensemble, set in five voices, instruments, and basso-continuo. The text is taken from the book of Genesis in its original Hebrew. Performances will take place in Geneva in November 2013.

Joseph poster and ensemble photo

Michał Górczyński (Poland) is a graduate of the Frederic Chopin Warsaw Academy of Music, his instrument is the clarinet. He has also been active as a composer since 1998, and wrote movements for various instrumental ensembles. Preparing to dance is based on the work of Yermiyahu Ahron Tauba – one of the few contemporary Yiddish poets. A series of 'almost' dance songs, for violin, cello, piano and vocals. Klub Palladium, Warsaw, 11 May 2013.

Michal  Gorczynski photos and poster


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